11 Reasons to choose BITNETS for E-mail

1. Confidence of entrusting services that you depend on, to a company driven by a passion for messaging solutions.
2. Saves on costs of administration and licensing.
3. Avoids the liability arising from your systems infecting, choking or causing a denial of service to other systems.
4. Protects you from malicious, offensive and undesirable content and affords you peace of mind.
5. Avoids downtime, saves the time and costs of having to re-deploying systems that have been infected or compromised.
6. Lets you get right to business, reading your important messages rather than first having to spend time sifting through and deleting junk mail.
7. Lets you concentrate on your business, frees you from day-to-day technical issues.
8. Affords you more time every day to do the things you want to do.
9. Prevents your systems from being overwhelmed by decreasing the e-mail volume on your network by approx. 80% while correspondingly increasing your network bandwidth.
10. A well-managed secure e-mail infrastructure hosted by an award-winning Managed Solutions Provider enhances your company image and reputation.
11. Excellence in individual customer service from a small business that knows all its customers by name, as compared to large, faceless national telcos and bulk service providers.