BITNETS Hosting Partner

Partner with BITNETS today! We provide the secure and flexible mail hosting infrastructure you need to provide customised back-end Internet mail solutions to your clients. Yes, we can work with you to seamlessly integrate our secure Internet mail hosting with the intranet mail servers you set up for your clients!

For example, all incoming Internet mail for your clients can be scanned for viruses and other harmful content by our servers. Depending on whether your client has ISP provided mailboxes or an intranet mail server, we can forward the filtered mail to your client's ISP provided e-mail address/es or their intranet mail server. Your clients don't need an always on Internet connection, since we can forward mail on demand to an intranet mail server on a dial-up Internet connection.

Flexibility is no longer a concern, so you can minimise your investment in infrastructure by outsourcing to us.

You provide tech support to and bill your clients directly. If you are outside Canada, you don't pay Canadian GST on your orders as a partner reselling our service.

Call 1-877-248-6387 [Canada/US toll-free] to discuss.